Truth, its Power, Beliefs and Potential

Why hold on something which is not of the Truth?

Who wants to hold on to something which is not true? Who would dare to protect and defend lies? The ignorant and the fools may not be guilty of nurturing erroneous and misleading informations if they do it unintentionally. But perversely, there are some who intends to utilize deception and lies to entrap many for their own selfish motives. They hate righteousness and tends to always twist it in their favor. We should seek it and should be knowledgeable in recognizing what is righteous and what is not. It has it’s powers and potential for both the good and evil.

What is the truth?

It should be something undisputedly right and anything that conforms to reality. It is factual and exact, no inaccuracies, all precise, utterly correct and truthful. It is never a lie nor a deception. It is genuinely sincere and honest. It should be caused by righteousness and charity but not by greed and evil thoughts. The truth should be the true in any angle and in all corners. If we debase the very meaning of it within ourselves, our very own standard of what is the truth gets affected as well.

The truth in us?

We choose the truth to believe but it clearly may not be the truth. We can mold the truth in us. We create the thought and understanding of something to be the truth.  We may easily be convinced by others but it is easier to convince ourselves that we are in the truth. It is not just something it came from the sky and fell in front of us. We chose it and not the other way around. We decide, we pick and believe on whatever we wanted to believe maybe the truth. We are the reason there are so many truths among the forgers and slanders. It was not achieved because it found us. We made fables into truths and we granted the lies access to our hearts. It persuaded us that fabrications are acceptable and we gave a chance for the evil to evolve and become almost genuine and indistinguishable. We created them in our hearts to make us think that we are right and justified. Truth became corrupted to many. It became our own beliefs and it hooked us in our psychological or emotional dilemmas. It is the truth only to us that doesn’t conform to the real world. Who did we fool? What will be our end?

Truth as a sword.

The power of the pen

Truth is something we should cherish and take good care of. Hence, truth arrived because of His grace and love for us. Truth can be mishandled and misrepresented. We should treasure it and give it to someone we could trust and some one we knew could keep his composure all the time. Since the truth is powerful as a two-edge sword (Hebrews 4:12, like the Word of God). It is too sharp to keep it around and too useful to tuck it away. It is handy against your enemies but it is too pointy to play with, that you may poke someone you love or just directly hurt yourself. He who wields the truth can easily hurt and defend someone with it. It is a powerful weapon to all kinds of people at any time. It is effective against anybody from the penniless up to the presidents and royalties. Everyone is somewhat afraid of the truth. It may crumple them to pieces or lift someone else into adoration. Like Newton said, “for every action there is always an equal and opposite reaction”. It can be hurtful and degrading as a bad news. But at the same time, it can also be a great news to the next door neighbor.

Reckon on history and you will discover countless events of misinformation. Up to this point in time, history can be rewritten anytime and can hurt someone anew.

Truth is near

It is just here. It can be achieved and it can be followed. Though not candidly but in an acceptable form. Though it is not perfect but in an admissible fashion. As long as we have pure motives and fitting desires to acknowledge God in our lives. Then, I can say we are safe, presumably.  But the judgment still resides at the end to conclude and finalize everything.

Seek the truth

We are responsible to seek it. We need to find it and let our lives overflow with it. We need to speak, act and believe only the truth without malice and selfish intentions. We live in a society that is dependent to the truth. Without truth and integrity, the system will fail and our world will be undesirable. We will live in fear and turmoil. Everyone will be for themselves and there will be no sense of justice. It is needed all the time and everywhere. Somehow the belief of a deity and being a Christian keeps everything in check within ourselves. Our beliefs should be within the moral boundaries, acceptable truth and in righteousness. Though some may use beliefs to pave way for their evil agenda. Not limited to introducing ideas that would sway our moral values to the opposite side of the fence causing a ruckus.

Truth saves

All men came short to the glory of God (Romans 3:23). Although the truth was present in all generations. It was offered to men for fairness and righteousness. It was not enough, we needed someone who would bring the truth without any guile. Jesus came to the world from the Father to introduce to us the best truths and greatest hopes in life. Jesus is the way, the truth and the life. No one can go to the Father except thru Him No man had known the Father except Him and to whomsoever He will reveal the truth about His Father. From these clear statements we can directly reason out that He is the only way. Truth saves because that certain truth came from our Lord Jesus Christ. He is the best truth that we could ever believe in our lifetime (John 5:24).

The truth will set us free and keep us pacified among many.  It is our peace, confidence and strength against tribulations and hardships in life. Knowing it will calm us in the midst of a great storm. It is our way to salvation and our ticket to everlasting life. One of His greatest facts he shared to us, is about the greatest love that a man could do is to lay down his own life for the sake of His friends.

For now, it is just one of the beliefs. But it is the best belief of truth that offers peace in this life and life after death. A truth that will well be determined and justified soon enough. Who can beat that?

May our Lord Jesus Christ bless you today.

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