Giving and Sharing as an Investment

Why give and share? Is it really important to give? Giving and sharing is the easiest act of showing and expressing your compassion, mercy and love. Giving is also a form of obedience otherwise not giving translates into disobedience. And giving and sharing your love to others is the only way to God’s promises.  There is no other path that can lead you to the everlasting reward. You can not enter His kingdom without giving and sharing. Love by giving is the essential and the fundamental reason and purpose of salvation, without it salvation has never and will never take its course.

giving and sharing

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Easiest way of Giving

Giving financially should be the easiest form of giving. Though others may disagree with me because for some people this act of giving is very challenging. Time, effort and personal touch is not directly involve and necessary. There is no specific amount to impose but there is a measure which it only applies to each and every person. God measures us base in our own situations and capabilities. You may give a lot but it may mean nothing to God because it lacks in measure. We give and God searches the heart.

Giving financially should be easy. The more you give the more you become blessed and wealthy. You may not notice the latter, but you will be richer sooner or later. Since all efforts will be rewarded in many ways too many to mention. This kind of giving literally requires you to just open your wallet, get some cash, hand it over and you are supposed to be done.

Giving your tithes and offering is an essential sacrifice that should be taken seriously and not for granted. Take a look on what happened to Ananias and his wife Sapphira in Acts chapter five. If not giving can displease God then without a doubt, giving financially can bring you closer to God and may benefit you with numerous compensations at the end of the road.

To whom giving is due? Giving and sharing is an investment.

The greatest recipient of our charity is our Lord God. But it will be impossible for Him to receive it. He is an invisible God and literally does not need any of them. He owns and created everything. When you decide to give and share there is a good way, the best way and the worst method to do it. There is a hierarchy of recipients and  a pyramid of giving on how you will endow your aid to others. Though it may be easy to give any help and support but there is a appropriate way of giving and sharing. Don’t give aimlessly without a heart and right understanding. Giving and sharing is an investment. There is always a return when you give and you have to max out the return of your investments. Give wisely, correctly and righteously.

Matthew 19:29 – And every one that hath forsaken houses, or brethren, or sisters, or father, or mother, or wife, or children, or lands, for my name’s sake, shall receive an hundredfold, and shall inherit everlasting life.

Forsaking is a way of giving. Since you are giving up something for the service of the Lord and His ministry. Through this you might receive a hundredfold return of your investment. Whatever we decided to give and donate, the church and the workers should be our primary recipients. It does not stop there. There are some more routes that we can follow and reach through His words and with our own rationale. Remember, not all giving is the same and equal.

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The greatest giving of all

The greatest love is laying your own life for others. Giving your own precious life for others is the rarest and most valuable act of all. You can give your money, time and effort but not all can give their life for others’ sake. The willingness to lose your own life for your friends is the champion of all good deeds. There is no greater love than this. Our Lord Jesus Christ did this for us without any hesitations. He died at the calvary to redeem and give us a chance to salvation. If there is a moment or an opportunity for you to give your life to save others do not be afraid.  It is the single greatest giving a man can do to others and the reward is immeasurable.

John 15:13 – Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends.

Giving and sharing is a chance and a privilege that everyone should grab and practice whenever a moment arises. It can be a great power or an inevitable curse depending on how you live it. It typically comes with influence and leverage that can subdue almost anyone. It can also be abused to bend and do anything. You can also be trapped and be taken advantaged. There is no accessible button to make it stop right away. It can build and destroy cities nor friendships. Giving and sharing is a responsibility that requires knowledge, wisdom, faith and love. Let us give righteously in accordance to His will. Think of it as the greatest investment that you can do where no moth nor rust can take it away from you.

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