Even His Plan Needs Time

Even God’s plan needs time. Our Lord Jesus Christ is the author and finisher of our faith. How did He become the author? And how can He finish our faith? Can faith really end and when does one’s faith ends? There are many question but not enough time to answer them all. Since we have to answer them all in detail and in strands. And yet ultimately, all things can be achieved through time but man don’t have enough time in his hands.

Faith can end upon His plan

Faith ends when that something that you believe had finally materialize. It bloomed and transpired into a colorful flower you dreamed of. Your faith can either give in or be achieved but as soon as time is depleted you will know exactly that your faith is at the finale. Your faith in that single event is forfeited and consummated. However, as Christians and faithful believers our cycle of faith never ends up until the promised salvation as such we have to continue on believing. Even faith needs time to happen.

1 Peter 1:9 – Receiving the end of your faith, even the salvation of your souls.

plan needs time

Time is part of His plan. God’s plan needs time

God’s plan is no different. Even God needs time for His plans to take place. Time is essential to become the author and the finisher. To plan, create and build are the easiest for Him. Nonetheless it is the test of time that you can never rush. You can not spawn 50 years from just 5 days or 5 years. The likelihood of having the precise outcomes and sequences of events procuring the desired results after is the real trouble and dilemma. Though the thrill of His plans are the actual occurrence of events thus, it has to be dispense accordingly. The Finisher as His given title is one of the trickiest part of being God. Although He did succeed above all not because He is God but He is – who He is. Patiently thru time He waited and endured. God achieved things perfectly because He let His plan ran its course. And God has all the time in the universe to let His plans work perfectly. He is indeed a gracious, compassionate and an enduring God.

James 1:4 – But let patience have her perfect work, that ye may be perfect and entire, wanting nothing.

plan needs time

Our time is part of the equation of God’s plan

We believe in so many things in life. We got so many excuses, we may not have enough aptitude, resources or the power to do things. But most importantly, the truth is we have no time to prove or disprove all of the things we believe in. Time is a commodity that gets depleted and many men chooses to think they have all the time in the world. No, our time is but limited. When you don’t fully believe, trust and obey God never expect that time is in your hands. Chance and time will soon cease and stop. You have to swiftly and urgently race towards Him because He owns all the time.

However, if God has a work and purpose for you, all you have to do is trust Him  and wait patiently. God’s plan will work out perfectly just give it some time. Never be bothered by time since it is at your side, a formidable ally.

His anointed church and members of the church should learn to patiently wait for God’s grand plan to transpire. His plan will happen in time. As He had chosen us, we have all the defined time that determines our victorious end. No need to hurry and worry too much.

A blessed and a happy Foundation to all.



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