The Most Impossible Thing

Warning: This message is intended only for those who are sincerely thirsty for the truth and still open minded when it comes to their theology. If you are close minded and inflexible with your current perceptions, do not read this. This article may be offensive and judgmental to you.

Our conviction on who’s the true God – is the simplest and the most truthful doctrine out there. Compare it by reason and logic. Skip the scriptures just for now. I know, the Words of God are righteous and true but they are literally wide open for “anybody’s interpretation”. Because of that it will just create ample confusions. I want everyone to reflect on their own unbiased intelligence and discerning as much as possible.

Here are the details

From the beginning, God planned and willed to become a human being. It was the most complex and strenuous plan. He needed to create the sun, bacteria, oxygen and the list was endless. Bound to every creation He also created all universal principles, cycles, systems to keep everything feasible and in check. A human being needed all of these to survive. Without the laws of nature for instance, life on earth will not exist. To become human was the first and foremost reason why God needed to literally create every single thing. He didn’t create a thing for no reason (Colossians 1:16).

When He became a man he was 100%  human, not different from us. He was a mere man but He was a highly intelligent human being (Luke 2:46,47 & 52).

Like us, He was born. He ate, studied, have grown and  lastly, he died. Although His life was very brief. We could safely say that it was bitter and miserable compared to the most of us (Isaiah 53:3). He was a man of sorrows. He was “alive too” not as God but being a man. His pains and sufferings were real. His awareness and reception to emotions and feelings are all the same with what we encounter everyday. Like you and I, He went thru weaknesses, agonies and was hungered.  He felt and experience exactly the same miseries like all of us (Hebrews 4:15) but only to a greater degree and extent. More distinctly, our Lord Jesus Christ suffered more than an enduring man could bear.  He endured every hardship because of His sincerest love and understanding. I think we can do that too as a human being. But it is truly challenging to love others as you love your own self. How much more to truly love others more than your own? Jesus Christ loved us that way. He loved us with the most unselfish love. His devotion and compassion for others was the greatest. His great love has been inseparable and incomparable above all since the beginning (Romans 8:39).

Everyone would think even angels that God can not be a man that He can not suffer nor die. No one have thought and expected it. For us, being susceptible was an estranged idea to God. But to Him it was a perfect plan that He alone knew and purposed in Himself (Ephesians 1:9). It was His greatest secret to become vulnerable and the only way to manifest His greatest glory.

The Almighty God needed to be a man to save mankind. As a man, He felt all things that were unnatural to Him as God. Being God, He was the creator and not the creature. The awareness of  a creator versus someone who was created is completely distinct from each other. As God, He lived pleasurably and all mightily but as a human being He became fragile and fainting. Visualize yourself as an authoritarian sultan of a great nation. One day, you decided to abdicate your crown to become a despicable slave. How disheartening is that? Who would do that anyways? But what God did was way beyond anything compared to the most closest analogy we could think of. He executed an unparalleled form of stepping down.

most impossible thing in the universe

Without returning back to heaven, God’s throne will be empty. That was why His plan was flawless from the start to end. And only Him knew the details right until now. It has been the most impossible plan all throughout time.

One mistake, one miscalculation or just one flaw in God’s plan may vanish Him forever and the rest of mankind. Remember, when He was with us He was not as god but as a man. To be the president of a nation is extremely laborious and ambitious. How much more for a man to become a God? But upon His resurrection and ascension to heaven He was able to take back His form as the only one true God. How remarkable was that!

God as a creator was glorious already. God being powerful was glorious too. However, the greatest glory of God was exhibited when He performed the most impossible thing in the universe.

Nobody could have ever done it but only by Him. He has beaten everyone’s understanding and knowledge. He justified and proved His brilliance was way beyond anyone’s.

The Most Impossible Thing that every rational living thing in the universe would think was that God cannot become a real human being.

And yet, He did become one. It has been God’s greatest and highest glory since about two thousand years ago. The greatest glory of God was to perform the most impossible thing which required the greatest effort and sacrifice – becoming 100% man.

You got questions? Who doesn’t?

We understand that everyone may have numerous questions. Since no principle in this world was established without questions and proofs. Although my article requires more deep rational thoughts and more diverse intense prayers than questions. Even deceits can show evidences and sound reasonings but it does not mean it is the truth. The truth of a person may sound limited and consistent base on his aptitude. However, the truth in himself should be enough for one’s self. We want you to tap that truth. We want you to know to be sure of the truth that you posses after honestly considering this concept. Everyone should be assured of whatever they believe in.

Do not worry about other peoples’ or the general public’s view. Your truth should be completely independent from others. Wealth and numbers mean nothing to God. Any research or external factor has no bearing at all. You better ask yourself and be absolutely certain of your truth. Knowing the truth is the key to an assured salvation. Your present and next life completely depends on it.

Hopefully, there is a quantifiable chance that you may accept our belief as the best truth for you. Because it has been the best for us without a doubt.

What we are up to? We Have nothing to gain

We are against centuries old ideologies, collective principles of colossal religions around the globe. We are crumbs and non-existent compared to those big shots. Criticisms, judgments and enemies are bound to show up. The world may be against us but we have nothing to gain.  We have no hidden motives nor agenda. We are simply obliged to share the truth in us. Who will tell the world of the truth that was committed upon us?  If not us, no one will.

Hence, we are boldly sharing our faith with clear conscience and with the purest intentions but it is at most frightening.


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