The Church in the Fareast


Mystery of the gospel church

National gathering in a rented hall 2012

On behalf of my brethren in the church, it is my pleasure and privilege to welcome everyone to be part of this online hub of resources. We hope that you subscribe and watch for more updates.

We are a very small church in a third world country. Poverty and destitution in life are the things we don’t lack. But we are  dedicated to preach the gospel to the whole world without hesitation. The church has been preaching and sharing the gospel for over 4 decades now. The church has numerous miracles and testimonies however nevertheless all glory belongs to our Lord God.  We prefer to be anonymous instruments to share the words of God. Testimonies are everywhere but the blessings of wisdom and understanding is rare and unique. We ask that the spotlight is not pinpointed to  the church but  instead focus our attention in knowing further the way, the truth and the life.

We will never be weary nor surrender because salvation is nearer than ever before. It is our greatest mission to share and introduce Jesus Christ to everyone. We minister to those who seek for the truth and to all the sheep that is scattered abroad. We trust the Lord our God that we will all be strengthened and be united as the days become more evil.

God for sure will keep us under His mighty hands. He will hold us tight and keep us safe through the dark. He was and has always been so kind and good to His servants.

Thank you and to God be the glory in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ our savior and redeemer.

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May the Lord Jesus Christ bless you today.

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