All Glory Belongs to our Lord Jesus Christ.

lord jesus christ

All glory belongs to our Lord Jesus Christ. Our Lord Jesus Christ  suffered and died at the cross, all for our own sake. He gave us the chance to be saved and introduced life after death. Without Him, believing the truth wouldn’t be possible. He proved that there’s life after death and faith is justified thru His promise of salvation.

All praise and glory belongs to our Lord Jesus Christ.

Please forgive and understand, if I can’t reveal myself. I am nobody and who I am is not relevant at all. I’m a mere servant of God who is not worth mentioning for without Him I can do nothing. What is important is that God will anoint this site to be a blessing to many hearers and doers of the law.  My heart and my concern is to everyone who seeks the truth and wanted to find peace in their lives. I will try to the utmost of my ability to impart the knowledge and understanding that was also shared to me by someone dear to me who wishes not to be mentioned as well. I just hope to be a source of inspiration and be a blessing not to all but at least to as many souls as it can be.

This blog will all be about the Gospel of Christ, in an absolutely different ray of light. I find it my commitment and burden to share the truth about our Lord Jesus Christ and inspire everyone to seek Him further during these perilous times.

I will also be backed by my contributors and some ministers who are as dedicated to spread the gospel to those who hunger and thirst for the truth.

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May our Lord Jesus Christ bless you today.

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