All Objects Come with a Price Tag

No material object that has intrinsic value is free. Every precious commodity is paid for by something of equal value or more.You have to give up something far more valuable to the seller but less valuable to you as a buyer. This is in exchange for something you are interested in. Something you wanted so bad that you are willing to give up your hard earned money.  It also goes the other way around. Somehow your cherished collections for decades are now less valuable since you’re willing to trade it for a chunk of change. Desires and needs change overtime and value tags along with it.

all objects come with a price tag

As you step higher it becomes harder for you to step down and the risk of hurting yourself increases.

Even abstract matters call for some sort of a sacrifice. If you want to be respected by others you have to earn it, same goes with reputation, honor and glory. You have to work for it to achieve a certain degree. If you always indulge yourself on complimentary things then you are exposing your character and stature to the public. You may save some penny here and there but others may call you a cheapo or stingy. Everything comes with a price. Nothing is really for free. But anything that is given for free is generally has no value. They may cost a few bucks but it is almost certain as free (insignificant in value). Remember, every rule of thumb comes with exception and unlikely.

Material wealth works the same way as well. If you want a house then you have to buy one by working really hard, putting aside some savings, a good credit rating and the list goes on and on. Thus, wanting a bigger house or even a luxury estate is another narration of further undertakings and troubles in life. Things become complicated as you complicate your desires, needs and wants. Do you want to be the group leader, the supervisor or maybe the plant manager in your factory? Or if you want to be the owner of a fortune 500 company, then that even requires unimaginable amount of sweat and pains which is  almost next to impossible. Whatever your desires in life comes with a price tag. A price tag that is at least commensurate to your object of desire. It is an unbroken relationship of things that they are always parallel, matched and consistent as they are being traded against each other. They are not free. We have to give up something concrete and even things that are intangible and invisible. Often times these things like time, stress and peace of mind may even cost more than anything at an express points and moments. Although we are so blessed as rational creations of God. We have options and a free will of our own to be contented or to burden our lives.

The greatest things are intangible and non concrete but surprisingly, it is free. They are priceless and most valuable among all. We should not take them for granted, namely faith, hope and love. However, to keep and nurture them they come with a price. They deserve our utmost effort, time and even wealth. For instance, the gospel of Christ is freely preached upon us but to nourish, understand and develop our faith it requires us to pray, fast and going to church regularly.

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