Pick Faith as the Answer to All Problems

Why should we pick faith and not money, family or a nice career? Are they the answer to all of our needs? Faith can answer all things even to those things that has no answer at all. The most difficult queries in life are questions that we couldn’t answer and no available resolve. We got baggages that we can’t lighten up. However, through faith with the undoubting kind and right amount,  all things can be answered and brighten up your path.  Let us answer everyone by recommending faith.

Matthew 11:28 – Come unto me, all ye that labour and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest.

pick faith

Faith moves mountains. Pick faith and recommend it  to everyone.

Why pick faith and recommend it?

How can recommending faith be the answer? Do we really need a luxurious car or a bigger house? What do we really need? You may have a couple of things that some other people does not have. But you may still feel empty than ever before. There is this urge you couldn’t suppress. The urge of wanting and desiring to have more. You are fortunate in the sight of many but you don’t feel like one. You are at lost, somewhere in the grey. How can you then pick faith and recommend it to others?

Faith can make you appreciate whatever you may have and does not have. Faith makes you still and unmoveable against the strongest hurricanes of life.

Psalms 34:10 – The young lions do lack, and suffer hunger: but they that seek the Lord shall not want any good thing.

Man’s material needs never ends. We are always in need period. We are always in search of a better life and will always hunger for more. No millionaire will stop wanting to be a millionaire. They want more, not less. They feel like they are competing with other wealthy and famous people out there. However, in reality they are just competing with their own needs and fear. They are competing against their ownselves. I maybe wrong for some, but this is the general truth. We get bored of watching the same show over and over. We need more and fresh becomes stale quick. We are not contented creatures.  We have to face our own mental process and get over with it in our own. There is no other way to stop discontent. Faith is the answer. We need to fight back and beat our mental nature. Subconsciously, faith can strangle our needs and throw them away.

1 Corinthians 13:13 – And now abideth faith, hope, charity, these three; but the greatest of these is charity.

Most all things can be bought by the green flashy benjamins. Though, the ultimate things in life are invaluable. They don’t come with a price tag or a payoff amount. They couldn’t be bought. These includes the three greatest things in life namely, faith, hope and charity. Who can buy hope and true love that can truly accept you for who you are? Recommending faith and having one only means you have one of the most valuable things in the world. May God help us that we may have strength to recommend faith.

Faith can be disregarded but it is the only way to find and please God. Without it, man will lose in this world and no chance of survival in the struggles of life. It is only through faith that real peace and lasting comfort can come in. You may have advance alarm systems and vast array of insurance policies. Your senses will still say, it is not enough. Wealth may simply give you more friends but may well not be founded with true friendships and concerns. It may give you convenience and pleasure but carries more worries and disappointments. Money will not give you a lasting peace of mind and a bulletproof security. You will never be in shortage of enemies and envies. Thus, wealth can give you more troubles than answers.

We hope and depend to our family. We look unto them as our answers in many things in life. Yes, they are the most dependable entities aside from me or I. Or perhaps most of the time, they are more dependable than ourselves. They are our fortress in times of need. We run to them. We cry to them. But they are also human beings, with social dilemmas, personal anxieties and also got some monsters within. They are not as complete as we think. They are not flawless. You needed them as they needed you. Without you they become shaky. Without them, you’ll be weaker than ever before. Family is our comfort and rest. But the whole family needs hope and faith that we may appreciate each other. And may look on things differently, more like a bright light in the midst of a dark path.

Unlikely but surely without a doubt, we can give everything to our love ones but it does not guarantee anything. It will just be a wild shot towards a target. Having a family or a relative willing to help will not solve your issues in life. It may help but it does not stop it for good. Faith does. Family can fail but unwavering faith does not fail and disappoint.

Pass it on, pick faith and recommend to everyone

I pick faith before anything else. Faith stops doubts. It gives you more hope. It keeps you going and inspired. Faith will help you forgive and forget. Faith pleases God, money can’t. Faith proves true love. Faith can make you laugh and cry genuinely.

Faith struggles but knows how and when to ask for help. Faith makes us not need anything even if we needed a lot of things. It makes us complete even if we are so lacking. It comforts us even if there is no answer. Faith heals even if there is no cure. Faith gives life even if there is no more chance. Faith proves there is a far better life after this. It confirms there is a life after death even if no one has proven it yet. Faith pleases God and we know we make Him smile even we can not see Him at all. Through faith, we know He is watching over us. He is out there somewhere, helping and caring for His people who does not stop believing and trusting. In faith there is nothing impossible. Let us hold on and keep fighting a good fight of faith, despite all. Let us recommend faith, everybody needs one for sure.

To God be the glory. May our Lord Jesus Christ bless you today. Pick faith, live by it and recommend it to everyone.


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