How Wealthy are You?

How wealthy are you my friend? To be wealthy, rich or being well-off in life is probably the most common dream of everyone. However, we always imagine affluence in our mind to be the familiar picture of luxury, prosperity and comfort. We believe so many things that are evidently clear but still misleads us to intricate situations and consequences. A belief which is not according to the righteousness of God will surely direct us to the muddy waters in life.

How wealthy are you will not fill the emptiness in your heart. The abundance of things does not assure us of happiness and peace of mind. A burst of euphoria may be achieved but never with a long lasting effect. Happiness may be rarer among the wealthy and the rich. It is so difficult to chase and reach it without the help of people around us and of course a different perspective from above. Although being impoverished has its downsides and almost unsurmountable drawbacks, it does not mean you will never find happiness and peace at all. Remember, the rich are at a staggering low in number compared to the poor. Most people are poor. But it does not necessarily mean that there are no many happy and peaceful people in the world.

Ecclessiates 7:12 – For wisdom is a defence, and money is a defence: but the excellency of knowledge is, that wisdom giveth life to them that have it.

how wealthy are you

How wealthy are you in life should not be about the amount of material things. It should be about happiness, content and peace of mind.

How wealthy are you with priceless commodities?

Yes, being rich offers major leverages and relatively strong support on almost anything. The Holy Bible acknowledges it too and yet it does not tolerate and promote it as the principal thing. But it is only a negligible resolution, an immediate action under certain circumstances. What then are the principal things? Of course, the gifts of the Holy Ghost and the greatest things of life. Which cannot be bought by any amount. They are priceless and beyond any abundance in this life. What will money do if you have no hope in your life? Can you literally buy hope and have confidence in your heart? You may gain some friends because you are wealthy. But are they going to be true to their friendships and stay with you through thick and thin. Friendships are mutual in nature but most friendships can be parasitic – selfish, clingy and exhausting. True friendships are trustworthy and dependable. You may be poor but having a true friend makes you a lot richer than most.

How wealthy are you to Him?

You are rich when you truly fear God and adores Him above all. Since the fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge. Getting interested and seeking Him is the best thing a man could ever do in his life. Fearing Him is the secret of having more knowledge and eventually it is the path to success and happiness. Are you wise and right? Wisdom and righteousness is relevant in wealth building. Without righteousness and the understanding of choosing the right things to do, you are left with wrong decisions and  perilous days ahead of you. Who are the people who surrounds you and the people who actually loves you makes it distinct when you count your real wealth in life. You may have a few acquaintances but what counts are the people that matters to you the most. Are they around to support you and to cherish every moments of your ups and downs? Material wealth and abundancy does not matter without anyone to share with.

Ask yourself this, what are your wants and desires? How many of them makes you anxious and uneasy? How many of them have this urge of fulfilling them as soon as possible? You know what,   wealth is measured in the fewness of wants. The less things you desire the richer you are and the richer you become. Wanting and longing for more exhibits poverty and discontent. I believe greed and covetousness was always the culprit that causes discontent and anxiety.

How wealthy are you? It can be answered by asking another question with – what is your perspective in your own life?


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