Greatest Story Foretold Upon Us

The greatest story man could ever know is a story foretold upon us through the Holy Scriptures. This greatest story was hidden through ages and many generations. Although the reveal is upon the appointed time of God. This pertains to God’s secrets  that He purposed in Himself. In which I proclaim the greatness of God to his “unsearchable” riches which is in Christ Jesus.

The greatest story that concerns the most interesting being of all.

God is the most mysterious and fascinating being we could ever think of. No one is narrowly comparable to Him. No one will ever be any closer to his magnificence and majestic glorious flair. He is all worthy to be worshipped. He should be offered the most pristine sacrifices man and angels could ever give. He is the greatest who is only worthy to have the greatest story ever.

It is my honor and responsibility to share His amazing manifestations which is hidden divinely in ages but now revealed and tackled thru this medium. I am proud to introduce these secrets to humanity of how great and wonderful are the plans of God from the very beginning. It is worth every time to understand and to comprehend his glorious will.  Consequently, you will be empowered by this enormous universal blueprint of fulfilling His ultimate pleasure of His will. He who created everything became a 100% man. This is the true greatest story. This is the greatest story from the greatest of all.

We are from the rising of the sun. The ministry in the far east has sprang up and cultivated by tribulations, persecutions and destitutions. Hence, through His grace and certain will, the glorious destiny of the church will  unmistakably come to light at the ordained generation.

Christ’s teachings and doctrines of the apostles are the foremost foundation of trust and faith of this little community. The manifold wisdom of God was known and dispersed upon this church. It was unveiled and divinely passed by the Holy Spirit to his humble servant of whom I am not allowed to mention. But we are all indebted to God’s will because of these mysteries which is now revealed and made public to the whole world to uphold and delight upon it.

Unspeakable victories and accomplishments proved that this group is in the realm of divine providence and immense guidance from above. It is inexplicable to account the several 40 days fasting, countless miracles and the breathtaking spiritual wisdoms propagating around the church. The Spirit of Truth which dwells in us encompasses confidence and inspirations. It gives us strength to consistently search and hold on for what is honorable, blameless and upright. It also encourages us to prosecute and reprove what is unsound, fabricated and baseless articles of faith, and unsubstantiated doctrines.

On behalf of my contributors, we are all excited to proclaim the greatest story of God’s love and purpose. Though our resources are limited, we will let the Spirit of Truth guide each and everyone through the scriptures. It is our highest commitment to share, declare and to sound the trumpet of the  everlasting gospel.  This is a salvation to everyone that believes.  As it will also serve as a witness unto all nations of how exceptional and Mighty our Creator is. Jesus Christ is the Lord our God and the eternal life.

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May the Lord Jesus Christ bless you today.

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