There is Only One Truth – God is the Judge of it

When we talk about the truth of all things then the truth is overwhelmingly “too much”. The truth about your health is one thing, the truth about your financial predicament is another so on and so forth. It is quite confusing, I know. Truth is the truth for something at a given time in a definite space on a specific mark. All things have their own truths and facts that may change in time as all things in this world changes. As far I’m concern, there are too many truths around us but not as many as the lies, forgeries or the counterfeits all over. There are too many lies and fewer truths but furthermore there is only one truth about certain subject matters. There is only one truth about God, never two nor three.

Are you looking for your lost wallet which has two credit cards, a hundred dollar bill and lots of sentimental value in it? There is no way you can have the lost wallet without exactly finding it. Your wife might buy the same wallet at the store, replace the hundred dollar bill, the two credit cards and vividly recreate the wear and tear in it. It might even fool you but still, that is just a replica of the misplaced wallet.

There is only one factual story about one thing.

Whatever the subject matter is and whatever the facts are, there is only one truth that is accurate and precise that will describe the whole story. There are no other story. Our Lord Jesus Christ is the truth, of the truth and all the truth. There is no truth beside Him, mostly are wolves in a sheep’s skin ready devour anyone on its path.

What if there is no God and that is all the absolute truth there is? Then there is no promise of life after death, no passage from death to life and no reward that awaits us. If that is all the truth then humanity is miserable at its worst inexplicable way. The phrase eternal life is now not even worth mentioning to the slightest sense. We are doomed  towards a certain end and conclusion. If that is the truth we cannot make it not true. If it is all the truth then, we can not stop it, change it and create a different path of truth. That is what it is.

Fortunately, that is not true whether you accept it or not. Our God is alive forevermore as our Lord Jesus Christ. God is as invisible as hope, faith and love but without them our world and the universe will not thrive and it will never exist in the first place. He is definitely unseeable but He is evident as the wind that surrounds us.

2 Thessalonians 2:13 – But we are bound to give thanks alway to God for you, brethren beloved of the Lord, because God hath from the beginning chosen you to salvation through sanctification of the Spirit and belief of the truth:

There is only one truth about God.

We can not say everyone is correct and all is precise about their beliefs and customs. Look everywhere and all over the world, chapels and shrines are in their all time highs. Utterly correct, we can not say everybody is correctly defining and referring to the same God. His name cannot be many when it is only one. It cannot be one when He has many names. What I’m saying is, there is only one truth about our God. Not many truths about a certain subject but one. Everyone has an explanation of what is His deity is but there is only one explanation of who He really is. Not all, not many but one answer of who He really is. Atleast one group for sure has it all right.

Every congregation of every religion and denomination which may have their own explanations of who God is has only one application to be approved by the Most High. Each and everyone is only given a single shot for the truth. It is a righteous and in a fair playing field. Upon it, there is no respect of persons. There is no beyond and above the system. It does not matter if your organization has a mountain of wealth, the memberships are among the celebrities or with complex subsidiaries of worldwide companies. All these things do not and will not matter to God.

1 Timothy 2:4 – Who will have all men to be saved, and to come unto the knowledge of the truth.

only one truth


God will not say that all faiths are true.

It may be the truth relative to your own perceptions and individuality or upon your existing structures. But to God that may not clearly be the absolute truth to His perception and knowledge of what really happened. To Him there is only one truth – the most exact story of all and the rest are just false, untrue or insufficient understandings. There is only one truth by God’s judgment despite thousands or even millions of doctrines, beliefs and traditions. It is all up to Him to decide on who is to favor and who is to deny.

Be confident if you divided His words righteously, correctly and with no deceit.

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