Obeying God, How Much We Can Give?

Obeying God is simply offering, giving and sacrificing for Him. Sounds easy huh? But what is the worth of our obedience to God? How much is it? Do we really give our faith its true value and worth? How much risks and sacrifices are we willing to take or offer in order to please Him. These are only some of the basic questions we encounter personally when it comes to making choices to our faith.  We worship and give something to God but how much can we really giving Him. No one can judge us since no one really knows what happens in our heads except maybe ourselves and God Himself. We know and understand how we decide on things. We are entitled to decide on how we respond and act on situations that concerns us. What to choose? What to do and what to say?

obeying God

Obeying God should be our priority, family is second only. Image courtesy of imagerymajestic at FreeDigitalPhotos.

To serve God without competition is manageable and apparently a child’s play. The real challenge emerges when there’s another conglomeration of desires on the opposite side of your cognizance and perception. It makes it difficult to resolve especially when your faith is somewhere below at the middle of your preferences. Your obedience to God is at risk. Choosing between double pay in your workplace against a Sunday service is a mere walk in the park when you really don’t value your faith and needed the money so much. Linking faith at the end of the food chain is the worst thing that you could ever do. Your faith will always be antagonized by something irrelevant in your life. You can not unstop thinking of reasons of not doing it. There will always be work, exhaustion and dozen excuses of not going to church. There will always be something to make you not believe on Him. It is not because of anything outside but it is all in your head.

Obeying God is not easy when we don’t feel the need of Him.

Obeying God should be simple and real easy. However, for many it is never easy because it was never practiced and thought as an essential part of of our lives. We should always feel the desperation of needing Him more. The passion of serving God should evolve and mature within ourselves. Serving and pleasing God is a sacrifice. Having and practicing faith in God is a necessary sacrifice we should do and complete. We have to give up on certain things we like for something we even like more (which is pleasing God). Worshipping God is not something we should not appreciate but we should learn to enjoy it. To delight on something you needed is the most satisfying purpose of one’s life. It is hard to go to work when you don’t enjoy doing your job but you do need to make a living for your family. So you go to work everyday without a spirit and dedication.

Going to church because you are forced or just fulfilling a favor for someone is somewhat dim and meaningless. Our faith and services to Him all goes down to our hearts and purity of our motives. It is not in numbers, value in money or any other external features we may posses.

Faith in Him should become a fundamental and basic necessity in our lives. How? We have to get use to it and do it all the time. We have to always experience it. It should be part of our daily routine. As we always have it in us, it becomes part of us of who we really are. Without it, we are not us and we will never be complete. Obeying God becomes us.

Mark 12:30 – Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind and with all your strength.

Let us start raising Him in the hierarchy of our desires and priorities. We should move now before it is too late. Mankind often seek God when our lives are declining and failing never when it is blossoming and flourishing. We are foolish and stubborn in so many ways. But before it is late we should be wiser and be prudent in the sight of God. Let us start needing Him more everyday.

May our Lord Jesus Christ bless you today.


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